Monday, August 8, 2011

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

It's hard to be back to reality after
spending the last week in


Hubby had a work trip to Whistler, British Columbia
and guess who got to tag along?

I have always wanted to see the Canadian Rockies...
so I got up early that first morning and caught
the sunrise out of the hotel window.

Yep...up at 5am on vacation!

( was really 8am my time back in Michigan.)

My first adventure was aboard this Hummer
which the brochure described as a

"scenic trip into the sure to
bring your camera."

Heck, I donned an entire photography arsenal
all in that black vest...

but spent the entire harrowing hummer ride
holding onto my pockets for fear my lenses would
fly out.

They failed to mention this was
a bouncing, bumpy, boisterous,
uproarious ride!!!!!

The torture driver had us at every angle.

He did manage to park the vehicle
so we could get out, calm our
adrenaline soaked hearts
and snap...hmmm...I think I snapped
3 photos.

Much more sedate in the valley
where I strolled every morning.

I found this pretty bridge, but the
rushing water is what caught my

I even climbed down that treacherous
rocky edge to take photos right by the water.

I figured...when in the heck
will I EVER be near water
like this again??

The florescent blue-green color
amazed me.

Okay, enough water shots...
time to slosh out of there with my wet
sneakers and wobbly legs.

The next day, we soared up the mountain
in a gondola.

Oh, did I mention that Hubby had
sudden surgery to reattach his ruptured
biceps tendon just FIVE days before
our vacations???

We began the ride in summer, but as
we glided up the mountain,
the temp plummeted.

At the top, it was winter...with SNOW!

This little family was huddled together.

Incredible views!

I didn't think anything could top the
gondola ride until we hopped aboard the
glider plane.

I get motion sick and long ago I swore
off taking ANY photos from a moving vehicle.

I broke that solemn promise...

Because the scenery was breathtaking!

I really felt like I was floating in heaven...

up close with the glaciers.

The gondolas looked like little ants far below.

Back on ground...
and queasy as heck...
I ambled about the
amazing sites

We walked around Whistler...

Home to the ski and bobsled events
for the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

In the summer...Whistler is a popular
mountain bike destination.

I sat here for 20 minutes trying to get
 a shot of a biker flying in the air!

Bikes were EVERYWHERE.

As the sun set on the village...

And, the lakes...

I had my camera...

Now I'm back in Michigan...
lost my driver's license...
hubby's luggage is still missing...
and the only mountain I see is
our laundry.'s been good to know you...


Connie Smiley said...

Hi Jill, I enjoyed the adventure, and the scenery, vicariously. Thanks for the ride! Nice to see you on Ozark Grace.

Debbie said...

what a wonderful adventure, your pictures are gorgeous.

they say there's no place like home?!?!

TexWisGirl said...

wow! that looks like some trip! gorgeous scenery. love the covered bridge shot!

don said...

This is such an interesting account of your trip to the Canadian Rockies in both text and great pictures. I enjoyed every one!

EG Wow said...

The water sure is beautiful, as are the mountains!

Tricia said...

Incredible Beautiful Gorgeous Extraordinary Wonderful FANTABULOUS captures, Jill!!!
I was so excited when your page loaded & I saw Whistler... British Columbia... Canada! Oh how I would love to visit there.

A Hummer would be a very cool way to travel & see the mountains, for sure! =) Plus a gondola ride & a plane ride... you two did it all!
A vacation to remember... so glad you both were able to go & so sorry about your husband's broken arm... YiKeS!

Tricia said...

PS I stumbled upon this web cam a couple years ago while searching for cams out west (I love it out west) & thought you might be interested...

Whistler Blackcomb webcams

Ryan said...

WOW how beautiful is Canada, I see you've taken a photo or two on your travels Jill. Good luck with the mountain of washing lol.

Atticus said...

Great pics! I went to lake tahoe recently in California and the pics of the water and mountains made me think back on that trip. It's gorgeous!

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life said...

Wow, what a great trip! Super photos! :)
Welcome to the home of *PicStory*! LG Tina

Charlotte @ Cowgirl Clippings said...

I agree with the others . . . WOW. Beautiful shots. Thanks for coming to Cowgirl Clippings and checking out "my barn".

Wendys Hat said...

I absolutely LOVE Whistler! I've been on that scenic tour as well! We've been there twice in Summer and twice in Winter to snowboard. There is no better place! Lucky you!

Rose said...

Oh, gee, I have enjoyed this....loved a bunch of the photos...specially that bridge and the shots of the water.

cheryl said...

these photos are gorgeous! i lived in bc for a year, but before i was into photography...would love to go back with my camera soon!

The Wishful Lamb said...

wow so beautiful!

janeofwisconsin said...

The rushing water is incredibly beautiful. You can almost feel the motion. Living in WI now, I feel like singing the Hamm's Beer song. (chuckle) The refreshing river shots are my favorite with the sunrise & sunset coming in next. What a cool trip. Hope your husband is on the road to recovery.

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