Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Bokeh

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I'm here with an early Christmas present
so you can play around with bokeh backgrounds
to make Christmas cards or fun
Christmas portraits.

I created the bokeh in all the photos on this blog post.

Bokeh simply means the beauty created by blur.

I sat in my lazy boy with my camera
across the room from my
lit Christmas tree.

I set the lens on manual focus and turned the
focus ring
 until I started seeing the
bokeh (blur) you see in these backgrounds.

You can do it too, and it's FUN!!

Try setting a longer shutter speed
and moving the camera about
to get different effects like these:

I created the pastel color by simply
lightening the bokeh photo in lightroom.
You can do that in any editing program.

Take photos of your family or friends
in front of a white wall, or hang a white sheet
behind them.

I used a large piece of white paper...
then add the background in Photoshop or Elements.

I share more of the method in my

Since I LOVE when people share backgrounds,

my early Christmas gift to you is...

FREE bokeh backgrounds for all the photos
I showed here.

Yep, they're yours to use as you please.

Click on the bokeh photos to copy the larger size:

Try experimenting with bokeh on just one
edge of the frame.

I know you will not be able to stop
creating bokeh...
because I CAN'T STOP!
After many years of requests, I am finally selling two sets of  my 
EXCLUSIVE Bokeh Overlays.
Jill Wellington Photography Bokeh Overlay Collection!
These are the bokeh overlays that I created myself to
specifically use in my professional portrait business, but
they work great for all types of photography enhancement.
The collection includes more than 70 high resolution overlays for $39.99
that can be used personally and commercially with no need to courtesy.

Click here to purchase for $39.99:

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I'm also selling my
Jill Wellington Photography Snow Overlays
This collection includes 25 of my favorite Snow Overlays
plus 2 bonus haze overlays for an introductory offer of $19.99
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 This is something I have been wanting to put together for
a long time because so many people ask me where I get my bokeh.
Thanks for your support
so I can continue to share my photography techniques and
offer fun freebies here on my blog!


Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

AWESOME bokeh, Jill!!! =)

♥Sie♥ said...

she looks so pretty Ms.Jill..missing you soooooo much Ms jill..hugs ;)

Ryan said...

I love it Jill, you're so creative. I hope you are paying your daughter well for all the modelling work she's being forced into...em...oops...I mean for all the modelling work she's enjoying with you.

Jaymi said...

these are such fun shots! Christmas is a great season for photography, because I love shooting christmas bokeh! Its so much fun! Thanks for linking up!

m--e said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip - I'm totally going to put up some lights and do this!!

Wendys Hat said...

Love these colors! You have really mastered this! What camera and lens are you using? I got my daughter {the photography student} a dream camera {Canon 7D so now I can use her hand me down a Canon Rebel} I've met some really cool photographers on Google+ and have been having fun learning more about it myself! Thanks for these tips.

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