Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birthday Boy Bokeh

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My favorite Christmas present EVER
arrived four days late...

my son Mark!

That was TWENTY years ago...

and, he's still my favorite present.

But my favorite for Christmas, 2011
was a 50mm 1.4 camera lens.

As you can see in these pictures of
my birthday boy in his birthday antlers...
the lens creates GORGEOUS bokeh.
(blur in the background.)

I am loving the bokeh
Christmas tree,
and the snuggling siblings.

Daughter Lindsay works at
Hallmark and got her bro-bro
a card.

They LOVE to laugh together!

I LOVE to see bokeh!
Oh, AND my precious son.

I was at it again...baking a cake.

He wanted orange cream.

I share the tasty recipe on my
cooking blog:

As I have shared in numerous other posts...
I cannot make pretty cakes.

I SWEAR I tried here:

The important thing is
it tasted YUMMY...

And, Sonny had a festive birthday.

Happy New Year!!!


Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

He's very handsome... gorgeous eyes!!! =)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas tree bokeh

Ryan said...

It doesn't matter what the cake looks like as long as it tastes good and by the look on Sonny's face I'd say he enjoyed it.

Happy New Year to you and the family Jill.

Jolly Princess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jolly Princess said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for being one of my blogging buddies, Jill. Wishing you and your loved ones ALL the BEST through the years and always..

It is the thought that makes the cake wonderful! Happy birthday to your son.

-DoNaH- said...

Aaawww... This post is very sweet. Reminds me of how much my mum-in-law missed his little boy (now my husband). Lovely blog.

Wendys Hat said...

Sweet! What a wonderful gift.

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