Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free Christmas Frames for Photoshop or Elements

I know it's barely Halloween, but I wanted to get you thinking
ahead to your holiday cards.
I have gone crazy creating holiday papers in Photoshop Elements.

I turned many of my papers into frames you can use
for your holiday greeting cards and share them for
free at the end of this blog post.
As always with my freebies,
there is no need to courtesy me...unless you want to.  : )
But do not try to sell my designs and freebies.


I used Photoshop Elements to put the photos into the frames.
Here's how you can do it fast and easy:
Start by opening your photo and the frame.
With the frame up on the screen like in this next photo...
left click on your photo in the project bin seen in lower
left corner.   While holding down the left mouse key drag
your photo into the frame as seen with yellow arrow.

Now left click and hold while you drag your photo BELOW
the frame in the layers bin.

Make sure your photo is selected...notice how it's black above.
In this next photo, click on your transform tool shown
by the the yellow arrow. (Or click Ctl-T)
Grab the corner of your photo by the red arrow and resize
and move your photo so it fits nicely in the frame.
Once it's in position, click the green check mark
as shown by the blue arrow.
Flatten by Layer>Flatten Image

Add text using the T button shown by the yellow arrow below.

You can use these frames for holiday greeting cards, or
to share photos on Facebook, e-mail, blogs...anywhere!

When saving the frames...
save as a PNG image so the center remains transparent.
I will share my Christmas papers for free
in upcoming blog posts, so check back.
Have fun and create something special for Christmas!

After many years of requests, I am finally selling two sets of  my 
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 This is something I have been wanting to put together for
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Thanks for your support
so I can continue to share my photography techniques and
offer fun freebies here on my blog!


Anonymous said...

its a nice blog

Lori said...

Beautiful work!
thanks for sharing with us!


Kristy LifenReflection said...

You are always up to something crafty!! Glad I'm not the only one ready for Christmas!

Lisa said...

This is so great! I am bound and determined to do Christmas cards this year. THANK YOU for this post!

Pam said...

Thank you so much! I've been wanting to post a pic of me and my son on my blogsite but felt that it was lacking a Christmassy feel. I'm too scared to grab stuff from the net without permission. Lol. Will definitely use one of your frames. Merry Christmas!

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