Saturday, December 22, 2012

Free Sparkly Snow Overlays

I'm still having fun with snow overlays!
I wanted to go beyond the normal snowing look and
add some SPARKLE!
Create a bit of WHIMSY by taking
this photo:
I added the fake snow to the ground and background using
the technique I share HERE then added my sparkly snow overlays that
I share for FREE below.
Thought this could be a fun project for you to try
if you have some extra time over the holiday break.
The overlays also look lovely on Black and White photos.
So try my sparkly snow overlays on your winter photos.
It's quick and easy to add an overlay in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.
First, copy my overlays below into a folder that you can find again.
Open your photo, then click File as seen by the blue arrow.
Then click Place as seen by the red arrow.
Find the overlay you want to use in the file where you stored them
and click on it.
My overlay will pop up like this.  Drag it from the corner
to fit over your photo and click on the green check mark in
the lower right corner.
Don't worry that it's black...we'll take away the black.
Click on your eraser as seen by the blue arrow.
Click OK in the dialog box by the red arrow to simplify the layer.
Click on your blend mode above your layers usually says
Normal as seen by the blue arrow.
Click on Screen as seen by the red arrow and like magic
the black will disappear!
Lower the opacity of the snow overlay according to
your own taste.  I like it about 75% as seen by the red arrow.
Set your eraser at about 30% opacity and erase a bit
of snow off faces and especially eyes.
Take this:
And make it DAZZLE like this:
Here are my FREE sparkle snow overlays.
You can use them for personal or commercial use
with no need to courtesy...unless you want to. : )
But DO NOT sell them!
I made these overlays with sparkle brushes I
got from  this great website: photoshop
Also, check out my NEW SNOWFLAKE OVERLAYS!


Rodulfo Veril Jr said...

nice one.......

Marissa Reid said...

This is insanely awesome. Thanks so much!!!

Rhipple said...

Your pictures are really lovely. I love photography, if only I have a camera and a little bit of time. I take photos with my phone :(

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